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There are few things more fearful for student apartment developers than delivering a new project so late that you miss the start of school. We lived that experience at 400 Meeting Street. Leading up to the late delivery, Greystar had preleased the property to 100% at rents significantly above the original proforma. Of course, the last minute news that the project would not be complete for the start of classes created a great deal of dissatisfaction among the students/parents and a crisis for us to provide some sort of temporary housing. In all of this stress and turmoil, the Greystar team was simply extraordinary. The staff responded without hesitation or complaint, executed a plan to house the students, while at the same time, winning over their trust. The sheer volume of work over the three week period would have broken down most other teams, I think. To have performed so flawlessly, so beyond the standard call of duty, in such a crisis preserved significant value for us.